Our Approach


Leisure Time Games, located in Santa Maria California, started as KJG Games Group, a small game store focused on game play and good times. Eventually, we moved from our original location to The Mall at the Santa Maria Town Center.  As this was a new beginning, we changed our name to more reflect what it is we were trying to accomplish- Leisure Time Games, a store dedicated to having fun and sharing your time with good friends or making new ones.

We’ve expanded our selection over time, as well as our focus to be more in line with what people usually expect out of a game store, while maintaining the integrity of our original intent- Games and game play.

Leisure Time Games is committed to bringing game play to the public. Either with our leagues, our tournaments, or our Games Day Events. We’ve been able to establish ourselves in this field enough to begin hosting a 3 day game convention, CENCON.

We have always and will still do whatever we can to help the local game community flourish,

We hope to see you soon!


Our Story


Ken has been a resident of the Central Coast for most of his life.

At an early age, he had acquired a fondness for games and gaming. It started with role playing games; a type of game where one person is telling a story, and the other players are characters in that story. Eventually, he started playing miniature games, and before too long, he branched into trading card games.

After careful consideration and the blessings of his wife Sheila, he decided it was time to take a full time hobby, and turn it into a lifestyle that insured he not only didn’t have to work another day in his life, but he could have fun doing it.

Now, Ken is a husband of 29+ years, a father of two children, and the owner of Leisure Time Games- a hobby that took on a life all its own.