Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament Weekends

Image used for the Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament Weekends
Some of the Leisure Time Games Dragon Ball Super Crew we expect to see at our Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament Weekends (©2018 Leisure Time Games)

Leisure Time Games To Host Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament Weekends Through The Month Of February

Through the month of February, Leisure Time Games will be hosting draft tournaments for the trading card game, Dragon Ball Super. These Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament Weekends will be held every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM throughout the month.

What You Get

With your $24.00 entry fee you will receive:

6 booster packs, 3 each Galactic Battles and Union Force
4 official tournament packs- 2 from vol.1 and 2 from vol. 2

Tournament Structure

The draft round will be 60 minutes, which includes deck construction
41-card deck minimum: 40 Battle/Extra cards and a Leader Card
No four card maximum
Any cards not included in the deck can be used as sideboard cards
Leader Cards can also be included in the sideboard
Swiss Style Tournament- Number of rounds will be determined by the number of players

If you'd like to know more about how Dragon Ball Super recommends how to run this event, you can read about it here:

The Winner

The winner will receive 10 official tournament packs- 5 from vol.1 and 5 from vol.2

We'll see you this, and every, Saturday and Sunday through February.

The Fine Print

Supplies are limited, and once they're gone, they're gone
Times, locations, dates, and just about anything else for that matter are subject to change without notice
See store for details
Use a number two pencil and keep your limbs inside the tram at all times
Let's be careful out there


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