Outlaws of Thunder Junction Event Schedule

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Events begin April 12th with Prerelease Weekend then followed by even more events you won't want to miss

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Buy a Box Promo

Dwarf riding a winged monster
Any time you purchase a sealed box of Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters, you will receive 1 free promo Wojek Investigator.

The new set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction is about to drop and Leisure Time Games will have the full range of products in stock and ready to go. Stop in starting Friday April 12, and you can pick up

  • Prerelease Pack- $29.99 plus tax (you can also join us for the prerelease tournament. See below for details)
  • Play Boosters- $5.99 plus tax
  • Play Booster Box- 169.99 plus tax
  • Collector Booster- $26.99 plus tax
  • Collector Booster Box- $259.99 plus tax
  • Bundle- $49.99
  • Commander Deck: Quick Draw, Grand Larceny, Desert Bloom and Most Wanted- $44.99 plus tax

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease

Lapel pin in the shape of the Magic the Gathering logo with a cactus skin
Participate in 2 prerelease events, get a free Outlaws of Thunder Junction pin

Deck construction begins Friday at 6:00 PM, Saturday at 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Sign ups begin 1 hour prior

$29.99 plus tax ($32.61) The price of 1 Outlaws of Thunder Junction prerelease kit. Format Sealed Tournament. REL Casual

Everything you need to build a deck in sealed format is contained in the kit. Also includes a random date stamped foil card and spindown life counter.

Participate in 2 of the 3 events held at Leisure Time Games, receive a free Outlaws of Thunder Junction pin (While supplies last).

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Get The Gang Back Together

3 Promo Cards
Starting Prerelease weekend bring a new player, you both get these 3 promo cards

Starting Prerelease Weekend and continuing while supplies last, if you bring a friend to their first ever event* here at Leisure Time Games, you'll both will receive 1 foil promo Oltec Matterweaver, 1 foil promo Transmutation Font and 1 foil promo Cultivate. This will be during any official event. If we're not having an official event at the time don't worry, we'll go ahead and make one just for you.

*You'll both need to make an account in the Wizards Companion app if you don't already have one.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Standard Showdown

5 promo cards
Every Friday during the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Season, 1 player will win one of these promos

Ongoing Starting Friday April 19th, we'll be hosting a Standard Format tournament. Free to enter. Round 1 begins at 6:00 PM.

  • Standard Format
  • REL Casual
  • Swiss rounds

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Open House

Promo card
Join us for open house, get a foil promo Diabolic Tutor. Bring a friend, you'll both get 2 of them

Saturday April 20th

Free To enter. Open play event. Any format. REL Casual

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Promo Diabolic Tutor for all who attend. Bring a friend, you both an additional one. This is in addition to the Bring a Friend promos (if we still have any). See above for details on that.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party

Promo card and two ghostly cowboy figures
Get this promo when you join us at the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party.

Saturday April 27th we'll be hosting the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party.

Free Open Play event. Commander Format. REL Casual

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Free promo Costly Plunder for all who participate.

As an added way to play, you'll be given a two sided info card- Upstanding Citizen and On the Run. Start the game as an Upstanding Citizen. Rob Locales to be On the Run. You can rob a Saloon, a Garisson, a Bank, a Post Office or a General Store. Each local gives you specific bonuses to play with during the game. However, Upstanding Citizens can hunt you down and collect bounties on you, giving them bonuses too. More details at the event.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship

2 promo cards
The Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship will be held at Leisure Time Games on Saturday, May 11th

Saturday May 11th

Free tournament. Standard format, REL Regular.

Sign ups begin at 11:00 AM, round 1 begins at 12:00 PM

Promo Blazing Rootwalla for all attendees. Top 8 will get a foil promo Hollow One, and the winner will also receive a foil promo Vengevine.

Coming Soon: Modern Horizons 3


  • Friday June 7th- 6:00 PM
  • Saturday June 8th- 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Release Party

  • Saturday June 15th- 12:00 PM

More info, coming soon


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