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Zendikar Rising Prerelease To Be Held At Leisure Time Games Starting On Friday September 18th, Followed Up By The Zendikar Rising Launch On Friday September 25th

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Zendikar Rising Prerelease

Starting on Friday September 18th and running until Thursday September 24th, Leisure Time Games will be hosting a prerelease for the latest Magic The Gathering Set, Zenkikar Rising. During this time, you can stop by an pick up Draft Booster Boxes or Prerelease Packs and have fun with your friends playing sealed events with your friends. During the prerelease, we'll have available:

Draft Booster Box $109.99 plus tax
Prerelease Pack $24.99 plus tax
Prerelease 6 Pack $124.99 plus tax

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On top of that, we'll also be giving away other great products as a way of saying thank you for your continued support. Depending on your purchase, you will also receive:

Draft Booster Box

  • 6 random Promo Packs

Draft Booster Box or a Prerelease 6 Pack

  • 1 alternate-art Orah, Skyclave Hierophant (while supplies last)

Prerelease Pack (includes Prerelease 6 Pack)-

  • 2 Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters per Prerelease Pack purchased
  • 1 random Promo Pack per Prerelease Pack purchased
  • 1 Zendikar Rising Set Booster per Prerelease Pack purchased (while supplies last)
Zendikar Rising Buy A Box Promo Card Orah Skyclave Hierophant
This promo, right here

Zendikar Rising Launch

Then, on Friday September 25th, Zendikar Rising officially releases. On this day, we'll have:

Booster Packs $3.99 +plus tax
Draft Booster Boxes $109.99 +plus tax
Set Booster packs** $5.99 +plus tax
Set Booster Boxes** $144.99 +plus tax
Collector Boosters $24.99 +plus tax
Collector Booster Boxes $249.99 +plus tax
Bundle $42.99 +plus tax
Commander Deck Land's Wrath** $24.99 +plus tax
Commander Deck Sneak Attack** $24.99 +plus tax

As well as a selection of singles for sale

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On top of that, depending on your purchase, you will also receive:

3 Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Packs, 3 Set Booster Packs, 1 Bundle, 1 Collector Booster or 1 Commander Deck

  • 1 random promo pack

Draft Booster Box, Set Booster Box, and/or a Collectors Booster Box-

  • 1 alternate-art Orah, Skyclave Hierophant (while supplies last)
  • 6 random Promo Packs

**These products are heavily allocated. They may or may not be showing up on time for initial release


Unless otherwise specified, all listed sales prices do not include CA sales tax. So whatever it says, add 8.75% and there you go.
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Special prices, special offers, discounts, and sale prices are not valid when redeeming store credit. Just because you hoarded it, doesn't mean it's worth more now.
All times, locations, events, hosts, and so forth are subject to change without notice. Stuff happens man.
Contact Leisure Time Games for any last minute changes. Believe me, it happens.
Sale Items, event entries, prize support, etc are all limited to stock on hand. You'd think I wouldn't have to say that, but there it is.
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