Con De Mayo 2019

3 panel image of a Marvel/DC superhero battle, a board game, and an esports venue used for the Con De Mayo 2019 event held at Leisure Time Games
Con De Mayo 2019 will feature a host of tabletop events, Free Comic Book Day, May The Fourth, Esports events, and much more (images used with permission by Diamond Comics Distributors Inc, and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)

Leisure Time Games And The Santa Maria Town Center To Host Con De Mayo 2019, A Game And Comic Event On Saturday "May The Fourth" In The Mall's Center Court

Leisure Time Games and the Santa Maria Town Center have teamed up to bring you Con De Mayo 2019, the first of our Games Day events of 2019. Con De Mayo 2019 will be held on Saturday May 4th, in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day, an annual event held to help bring new readers into comic shops, and Star Wars Day, also known as May The Fourth (a play on "May The Force Be With You"). This is also an annual event, which celebrates George Lucas' Star Wars franchise and the grassroots fandom that has grown around it.

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Con De Mayo 2019 Venue Change

This year, for the first time since coming to the mall, we'll be hosting Con De Mayo 2019 in the center court of the Santa Maria Town Center. When we first approached the mall management team about this event, we of course were going to look to host in the usual mall community room. However, after some consideration, the idea of hosting in the center court came up. After giving it some more thought, we decided to give it a go.

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According to Kristen LaGrange, the head of Marketing Management at the Santa Maria Town Center, the mall wanted to bring more attention to the Con De Mayo 2019 event for a couple of reasons. First, it would help one of the mall's tenants promote their events by giving it a focal point in the mall rather than being tucked away in a spare unit like the Games Day events usually are. Also, it would show the local community that the Santa Maria Town Center is more than just another place to shop. For quite some time now, the mall has been hosting various events and activities beyond shopping and eating to be a part of the local Santa Maria Community. Holding Con De Mayo 2019 in the center court just seemed the perfect fit to continue facilitating this.

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The Details

Doors Open at 10:00 AM, and runs until 10:00 PM
The Venue fee for Con De Mayo 2019 is only $5.00
If you host an event, your Venue Fee is waived

  • Some events have their own entry fee, and if this be the case, the Venue Fee is typically waived
  • See the Con De Mayo 2019 List Of Events for further details


As of April 30, 2019, Con De Mayo 2019 has over 15 events being held throughout the day. Follow the link below for the full list

List Of Events For Con De Mayo 2019

Our Games Day Events regularly host around a dozen or more events throughout the day. Past events have typically included a variety of tabletop games, esports events, cosplay, comic book signings, Kickstarter Promotions, game demos, and much much more. It all depends on who signs up to do what. You can find what we have going on so far here:

Host An Event

If you host an event at any of our Games Day Events, your Venue Fee will be waived, as a way of saying thank you for your help. We are always in need of event hosts, either for Games Days or shop events. If you're interested in hosting an event, such as running a game, setting up a comic signing, running a cosplay event, or any other event, let us know by signing up here:

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