Magic The Gathering Masters 25 Release Weekend

Masters 25 logo and mythic rare set symbol
Celebrate 25 years of Magic The Gathering with the latest Masters set, Masters 25 (Images used with permission from Wizards of the Coast)

Magic the Gathering Masters 25 Release Weekend


“25 Years In The Making-
Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering with a journey through the history of the world's first trading card game. In Masters 25, you'll find lands or spells from every Vintage-legal Magic set that introduced original cards. Whether you've been casting Lightning Bolts since Alpha or just started playing with Rivals of Ixalan, this set has something exciting to rediscover during your next draft night.” Wizards Of The Coast Website  

On March 16, the latest set for Magic The Gathering, Masters 25 releases. Here at Leisure Time Games we will be celebrating this prestigious event by hosting draft tournaments for Masters 25 throughout the entire weekend.

What is Masters 25?

All Masters sets are reprint sets, bringing cards back from bygone eras to be reintroduced to new and old Magic The Gathering players alike. Masters 25 is no exception, however this set will have a little more going on than the previous Masters sets. The Masters 25 set will have at least 1 card from each Magic The Gathering set that goes back to the original set, ALPHA, then all the way up to the most recent set by the printing of Masters 25, Rivals Of Ixalan.

Jace, The Mind Sculptor from Masters 25
Jace, The Mind Sculptor is just one of 249 cards reprinted in this latest Masters set, Masters 25 (Image used with permission from Wizards of the Coast)

A few of the cards reprinted in this set include Jace The Mind Sculptor, Imperial Recruiter and Akroma, Angel Of Wrath. Many of the Masters 25 cards will also have a watermark representing the set of the card’s original printing. 

Masters 25 will have 249 cards in total, with over 35 original pieces of artwork. Each Masters 25 booster box will have 24 packs, and each pack will have 15 random cards including a premium foil card.  

Masters 25 Booster Box Display
Masters 25 booster box display (Image used with permission from Wizards of the Coast)

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If you’d like more information about the cards in the Masters 25 set, you can go to the Wizards Card Gallery here: Masters 25 Card Gallery 

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Masters 25 Draft Tournaments

Drafts start that Friday March 16 at 6:00 PM with FNM and go on through the weekend; Saturday at 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM and Sunday at 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM as well. Entry into the drafts will be $29.97 plus tax, and will include prize support in the form of store credit valued at 1 Masters 25 pack per participant in the event. Actual pay out will be determined once we know how may players there are.

Since this set will be new to most players, we will extend the usual 50 minute draft time to 60 minutes. The draft will be followed by a Swiss Tournament. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of participants.

You can learn more about how a booster draft works by going here: How A Draft Tournament Works

Come on in to Leisure Time Games and help us celebrate 25 years of Magic The Gathering History. Join us for Masters 25 drafting tournaments all weekend long.

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