Pokemon Sun And Moon Crimson Invasion Prerelease

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Registration Has Begun For The October 28 Pokémon Prerelease Tournament For The Latest Set Sun And Moon- Crimson Invasion

The Event

On Saturday, October 28, during Halloween Horror Games Day 2017, we'll be hosting a prerelease for the the newest set for the Pokemon TCG, Sun & Moon- Crimson Invasion. This latest set introduces more Pokémon-GX, as well as mysterious Ultra Beasts.


“Be among the first to discover the loads of awesome cards in the Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion expansion, including mysterious Ultra Beasts and more Pokémon-GX. It also features new Trainer and Special Energy cards that could be the perfect fit for your next decks.” - From the Pokemon Website

The Details

At the door registration for the Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion Prerelease begins at 10:00 AM, and deck construction begins at 12:00 PM. For your $30.00 entry fee, which includes entry into Halloween Horror Games Day 2017, you will get a Pokemon Sun and Moon- Crimson Invasion Prerelease Box. Each Prerelease box includes:

22-card Evolution pack*
4 Sun & Moon- Crimson Invasion booster packs
1 of 4 foil promo cards


*The 23-card Evolution pack in each Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Prerelease box is included to create a more enjoyable Prerelease experience. This special pack features key cards from current and prior sets.

Help us celebrate the latest Pokémon release, Sun and Moon- Crimson Invasion at Halloween Horror Games Day 2017. The Pokémon Sun And Moon Crimson Invasion Prerelease Tournament will be limited to 32 players, so register today. We will not be taking payment over the phone, so you'll need to come into the shop.

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