Con De Mayo 2018 List Of Events

Con De Mayo List Of Events

All Day


Reign Of Cthulhu Augmented Reality Promotion

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Day 2018

Magic The Gathering Open Play Event

Event Registrations

10:00 AM

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game-

My Little Pony CCG Harmony mini tournament with free prizes

Robinson Crusoe Board Game

Robinson Crusoe is a cooperative explorative, building, hunting, survival game that takes everyone working together to win. 6 scenarios to choose from.

12:00 PM

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier 2018 Atlanta

Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Tournament

LTG Presents: Con de Mayo 2018 Smash Bros Tournament- Friendlies

Nightfall: Martial Law Board Game

Darkness envelopes the world, chaos reigns. Humanity fights back in the only way they know how with forceful control. But how does one control creatures whose existence defies all logic? Nightfall Martial Law is a stand-alone expansion to the smash-hit competitive deck building game Nightfall.


1:00 PM

LTG Presents: Con de Mayo 2018 Smash Bros Tournament- Melee Singles

2:00 PM

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

The villain must be stopped. We will work as a team to hire heroes and fight villains in an attempt to stop the Mastermind. Will we be Legendary or will we taste defeat?

4:00 PM

Dragon Ball Super Tournament

Smash Up Card Game

Tabletop Card game. Combine any 2 Factions to make a hilarious deck. Smash Bases to win.

6:00 PM

Betrayal At House On The Hill Board Game

You and your fellow explorers must rely upon each other to survive as you explore the house. However, the house will turn one explorer against the rest. It will take a combined effort to best the traitor and survive Betrayal at House on the Hill.

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*Some events have additional entry fees that will have the door fee included (excluding the video game tournaments for example). Any event that has a fee of this nature gets you into that event, and any other event that does not have an entry fee of it's own. If you wish to enter multiple events with fees, you will have to pay for them separately.

Times, events, event hosts, locations, and just about everything else for that matter are subject to change without notice

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