Battlebond Preview Event Weekend

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The Battlebond Preview Event Weekend will be held at Leisure Time Games on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 - 3 (image used with permission from Wizards Of The Coast

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We're hosting the Battlebond Preview Event weekend on Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3,

What Is Battlebond?

Battlebond is a new specialty set for the Magic The Gathering trading card game. Battlebond is designed to be used for the Two Headed Giant format, but many of the cards will stand out in just about any game you play that has multiple players. Whether you're participating in a Commander Event at your local FNM, or playing a free for all at your kitchen table, you'll want to add these cards to your decks.

How Do You Play Two Headed Giant?

2 players will make up a single team. Each player on the team are separate entities for the most part, as they will use their own decks, play their own lands, use their own spells and abilities, as well as any other resources. Because the 2 players are a team, they will do their actions on the teams turn, as if they are playing as a single entity. The two players will be able to share information and strategies with one another at any time so as to come up with the best plays. The team will also share a single life total of 30, or for the purpose of poison counters, can have a total of up to 15 before losing the game.

For more detailed information on the Two Headed Giant Format, check out the Wizards of the Coast website here: Two Headed Giant Format

What Is A Battlebond Preview Event?

The Battlebond PReview Event will be your chance to get your hands on this special set before anyone else and try it out in a tournament setting. Here at Leisure Time Games, we're holding 4 Battlebond Preview Event tournaments over the course of the weekend. It all begins on Saturday, at 10:00 AM, then another tournament begins at 2:00 PM. Then on Sunday, it all starts up again at 11:30 AM with the final tournament at 3:30 PM.

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What Will I Need To Play?

First, you'll need a partner, as this event will be a Two-Headed Giant format tournament, so be sure to bring at least one of those. Next, each player will need to purchase 3 boosters to enter the tournament. Booster packs will be $3.99 plus tax each, which will come to $12.93. Other than that, you'll need some way to keep track of your life total, such as a spin down life counter, perhaps some deck protectors to keep your new cards from getting damaged, and maybe a new play mat. All of which can be purchased when you get here.

How Will The Tournament  Work?

Your team will use your shared 6 boosters to make 2 40 card decks, 1 for each team member. Deck construction for the Two-Headed Giant format is typically 60 minutes long, but as this is a new set, an extension of 15 minutes will be added, for a total of 75 minutes. If all players agree they are ready to go, we can shorten this time frame. Once deck construction is done, we'll host a Swiss Tournament. Each round will consist of 1 game, and will be 50 minutes in length. The number of rounds played will be determined once we know how many teams are participating.

Will There Be Prize Support?

Absolutely. For each entry into the tournament, a booster pack will be put into the prize pool to be given out to the top teams. The prize cut off and split will be determined once we know how many folks are playing.

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How Can I Find Out More About Battlebond?

If you'd like to know more about the Battlebond set, you can get that info here: Battlebond

Come to Leisure Time Games on the weekend of June 2 - 3. Join us for this first ever Preview Event Weekend for a set dedicated to the Two Headed Giant format.

Oh, and bring a'll need one

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