Halloween Horror Games Day 2017

Room full of gamers at Summer Games Day 2017, used as the feature image for Halloween Horror Games Day 2017


Saturday October 28, Leisure Time Games will be hosting their fourth of five annual Games Day Events, Halloween Horror Games Day 2017. This special day of video and tabletop gaming, as well as Halloween Cosplay, will also be host to the international comic book event, Halloween Comicfest.

Entry into Halloween Horror Games Day is $5.00. Other events may have their own entry fee, and if this be the case, the door fee is typically waived (see the Halloween Horror Games Day 2017 List Of Events for further details).

Our Games Day Events regularly host anywhere from a dozen or more events, and this one is no exception. We will have the complete schedule up soon, but you can find what we have signed up so far here:

Halloween Horror Games Day 2017 Schedule

You'll find the list of events, the times they are being hosted, and links to descriptions of the events here


How would you like your door fee waived? As a way of saying thank you for your help, folks who volunteer to host an event at any of our Games Day Events get in free. We are always in need of event hosts, and if you're interested in hosting an event, such as running a game, setting up a comic signing, running a cosplay event, or any other event that would be fun to participate in, let us know by signing up here:

Games Day Event Host

Yes, I would like to host an event at Halloween Horror Games Day 2017

You'll be able to find more info to all the fantastic events that will be happening here soon. Check back every now and then, or if you'd like to be kept up to date, you can sign up for our e-mail newsletter, chock full of all the events happening soon here at Leisure Time Games, here:

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