PPTQ Richmond 2018

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Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Richmond 2018 To Be Held At Halloween Horror Games Day 2017

Level 2 Judge Brian D, at the Leisure Time Games PPTQ

Leisure Time Games

welcomes Back Level 2 Judge Brian D to the latest PPTQ being held at Halloween Horror Games Day 2017


Saturday, October 28, 2017
Here at Leisure Time Games During Halloween Horror Games Day 2017
$25.00 Entry, includes free entry into Halloween Horror Games Day 2017
Standard Format
Deck Listing begins at 11:00 PM
Player meeting begins at 12:00 PM
Round 1 to immediately follow
Deck lists WILL be used

Halloween Horror Games Day 2017

Learn more about Halloween Horror Games Day 2017 by clicking here


Tournament structure

This is a Competitive REL Tournament, with a Planeswalker Points Multiplier of


This is a Modified Swiss tournament-
A Swiss Rounds Tournament that will be followed by a top 4/8-players Single Elimination Playoff Tournament. Cut Off TBD

Learn more about modified swiss

Click here to find out how we determine the number of rounds a tournament will be

The Swiss Tournament matches will be 50 minutes in length.
The Single-Elimination Playoff matches will have no time limit.
All players registered to play in the PPTQ may participate in all of the Swiss rounds.

Prize Support

The winner will receive in part an invitation to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier associated with this event. Also, there will be prize support given in the form of store credit to the top players. Exact amount of store credit and players qualified varies by the number of participants*.

Prize structure

Find out how the additional prize support for our PPTQs are broken down by clicking here


All times, locations, and so forth are subject to change without notice. Contact Leisure Time Games for any last minute changes

*Special prices, special offers, discounts, and sale prices are not valid when redeeming your credit.

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