Ixalan Store Championship Draft

Come celebrate the final draft of the year at Leisure Time Games during the world wide event, the Ixalan Store Championship.

Leisure Time Games will be hosting this tournament on December 30. Pod seating for the draft will begin at 12:00 PM.

Ixalan Store Championship Details

Prize Support

There will be 1 booster pack worth of store credit in the prize pool per participant. The prize pool will be distributed among the top players of the tournament based on the number of players.

In addition to the prize pool, participants will also receive:

All Participants

With your entry fee of $12.00 you will receive:

3 Ixalan Boosters

1 Ghalta, Primal Hunger Full Art Promo

ixalan store championship ghalta participation promo at Leisure Time Games
All participants in the Ixalan Store Championship Draft will receive 1 alternate art promo Ghalta, Primal Hunger (Image used with permission from Wizards of the Coast)

Top 8

The top 8 players will receive in addition to the promo card, a special deck box with special artwork from the upcoming set, Rivals Of Ixalan

Top 8 player deck box with Rivals Of Ixalan art for the Ixalan Store Championship at Leisure Time Games

Can't Find It In Our Shop?

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In addition to the premium promo card and the special deck box, the winner of the Ixalan Store Championship Draft will receive this full map of Ixalan play mat

Ixalan Play Mat for the champion of the Ixalan Store Championship Draft at Leisure Time Games

The Rest Of It

The Ixalan Store Championship Draft will be a Swiss Style tournament. The draft portion of the tournament will be 50 minutes in length. Each round will be 50 minutes long. The Rules Enforcement Level (REL) will be Regular.


Tournament Types

Would you like to know more about Swiss Style tournaments?

Come on in to Leisure Time Games on Saturday, December 30. Help us celebrate the final draft of the year, and earn some cool prizes too. See you here.

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