Iconic Masters Draft Weekend

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Iconic Masters Drafts to be held all weekend long, November 17 - 19 at Leisure Time Games (Iconic Masters logo used with permission from Wizards of the Coast)

Iconic Masters Drafts Nov 17 - 19

Starting this Friday for Friday Night Magic, and continuing through the weekend, Leisure Time Games will be hosting scheduled and on demand drafts for the new Masters Set, Iconic Masters.

Tournament Times

It all starts on Friday night at 6:00 PM, as we host our usual FNM Draft event, but we'll be using Iconic Masters booster packs instead of Ixalan.

The drafts continue through the weekend on Saturday at 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM, then on Sunday at 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM.

If at any time there are at least 4 interested players, we will be happy to host a draft as well.

Tournament Details

Entry into this event will be $30.00, which includes sales tax. Prize support for these drafts will be store credit equivalent to 1 regular booster pack in the prize pool per attendee, to be divided among the top players. For example, if there are 8 players:

1st Place: Credit valued at 4 non-Masters boosters

2nd Place: Credit valued at 2 non-Masters boosters

3rd Place: Credit valued at 2 non-Masters boosters

Of course this amount changes based on the total attendance of the tournament.

Come On In

Of course we'll have packs for sale as well if you're just interested in getting your hands on this brand new set. We're happy to do that too.

Come on in to Leisure Time Games, play some magic, get some Iconic Masters packs, and have yourself a great time.

See you soon

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