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Things Are About To Get UNSTABLE

December 8 Unstable For Magic The Gathering Releases And We Celebrate With Drafts Weekend Long

The Set

In 1998 you became UNGLUED, only to become UNHINGED 6 years later in 2004. Now, after only a 13 YEAR FRIGGIN’ WAIT, it’s time to be UNSTABLE with the release of the latest UN set for Magic The Gathering, Unstable.

This set releases on Friday December 8, and to celebrate the occasion, we’ll be hosting Drafts all weekend long.

What are the UN sets you ask? Well I’m glad you asked me that, imaginary person asking the very question I’m ready to answer. The UN sets are cards for Magic the Gathering that takes take a more light hearted approach to the game. Attack with chickens, block with squirrels, do the hokey pokey, and a plethora of other nonsensical spells and abilities that are designed to take an already seriously fun game, and take out the seriousness.

As for this newest set, we can learn from the Wizards of the Coast Website

Unstable explores new areas of Magic game design and continues the tradition of bending the conventional rules of the game in a fun and whimsical way.

Silver-bordered cards can do interesting and unique things that regular black-bordered cards don't typically get to do, all in the name of fun, and the set's creative elements reflect that spirit.

Similar to previous un-sets, Unstable will be best experienced in limited formats like Sealed Deck or Booster Draft.”

We can neither confirm nor deny a release for another Un set that may or may not be named Unmarked (kind of an inside Joke- I’ll elaborate some day if anyone cares to hear...or even not. It depends on my mood really).

The Draft

On Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10, we’ll be hosting drafts with this, shall we say “Unique” set of cards. Be ready for shenanigans and tongue in cheek happy fun times at 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Saturday, and 12:00 PM and 3:30 PM on Sunday. Your $13.00 entry will get you:

3 boosters
1 pack in value of store credit in the prize pool
1 Earl Of Squirrel alternate art foil promo card
A walk on the wilder side of MtG (that’s not a promo card, sorry. Kinda should be though, don’t you think?)

Alternate art Earl of Squirrel foil promo for the Unstable release weekend at Leisure Time Games

All the usual rules of magic the gathering apply, especially the one that says the card rules take precedence over the game rules. That’s gonna be important to know, I’m sure.


Prize Support

We’ll be passing out prize support in the form of gift certificates to Leisure Time Games to the top players in this tournament based on the number of players and how they placed. For example, if there are 8 players:

1st 4 boosters in store credit
2nd 2 boosters in store credit
3rd 2 boosters in store credit

Let’s Get Unstable

We look forward to having you draft with us as we welcome this the latest fun filled set for Magic the Gathering, Unstable.

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