3 Days Of Fun Coming December 1 - 3

Friday December first through Sunday December 3, Leisure Time Games will be hosting its final Games Day event of the year, CENCON VII. This annual 3 day event is a fun filled weekend extravaganza your should be sure not to miss. Starting from 2:00 PM on Friday, and continuing through Sunday at 6:00 PM, chances are good you’ll find an event that will pique your interests.

Speaking of interesting events

Event Hosts Wanted

Even though we've got a lot of events signed up already, we can always use more. That's where you come in.

We are currently looking for people to host an event or two. If you'd like to host an event, just click on the button below and fill out the Event Host form. Remember, if you host an event, you will get into CENCON VII for free*.

Host an event

If you'd like to host an event, fill out this form, and we'll go from there

The Details

Everything starts on Friday from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM. We will be hosting various scheduled and open table events, as well as begin sign ups for the various tournaments and contests to be held throughout the weekend. Events so far include



Event Begins
Registration For Tournament Entries Begin
Open Tables

3:00 PM

Pathfinder Role Playing Game

6:00 PM

Friday Night Magic Draft
Munchkin Shakespeare Card Game
Marvel Legendary Card Game
Cardfight!! Vanguard Trading Card Game

Then, it all picks back up again on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. There will be a variety of events happening throughout the day including:




Registration For Tournament Entries Continue
Open Tables
Warhammer 40000 Open Challenge

10:00 AM

Codenames Card Game

12:00 PM

Jandro Gamboa Comic Signing- Monty Gomez Is The Luchador
Drakkon Board Game
Smash Bros Friendlies

2:00 PM

King Of Tokyo Board Game
Dragonball Super BCC Vol I Tournament
Smash Bros Melee Singles

4:00 PM

Magic the Gathering Standard Showdown tournament
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire Board Game
Smash 4 Singles

6:00 PM

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game
Dragonball Super BCC Vol II Tournament

Finally, events on Sunday start up at 11:00 AM , and run until 6:00 PM. So far the schedule includes


All Day

Registration For Tournament Entries Continue
Open Tables

12:00 PM

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game

2:00 PM

My Little Pony Trading Card Game Sealed Tournament

3:00 PM

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game

6:00 PM


More events will be announced soon.


Entry Fees

The door fee to enter CENCON VII will be $5.00 per day, or $10.00 for the whole weekend. Of course, if you host an event, your entry will be FREE*.

Some events have additional entry fees that will have the door fee included. Any event that has a fee of this nature gets you into that event, and any other event that does not have an entry fee of it's own. If you wish to enter multiple events with fees, you will have to pay for them separately, and there will be no discounts for entering multiple paid events.

The video game events have there own entry fees on top of the door fee, so please keep this in mind.

See the individual event listings for more details.

We Look Forward To Seeing You

See you soon folks, and remember


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The Fine Print

*All Event Hosts who sign up to host an event will get free entry into the Games Day event with a few caveats-

First, this free entry does not apply to an event that has an additional fee. Please see below, as well as the individual event  entries in the conbook or on the official schedule page for additional information.

Second, all Event Hosts are eligible for the free entry provided their event is assigned an official  time slot (i.e., posted in the con book). Slots will be locked in on November 24, 2017. This is when the official Conbook goes into publication. After this date, you will be charged the usual $5.00/$10.00 entry fee. However, it will be refunded to you provided we are able find a slot for your event, whether it happens or not, provided you are there to run it, and are able to (participating in another event that would interfere with you being able to host yours for instance), your entry fee will be refunded.

Any at the door sign ups to host an event must be run at a time that does not compete with other similar events (ie card game, board game, miniature game, cosplay competition, etc). We can't just give you a table at any time. We need to put you into a slot so that your event does not draw away from an event that was assigned a time slot.

Also, we encourage you to bring handouts and/or fliers to help facilitate your event. We will allow posting of fliers to get the word out for your event, but they will require pre approval. PG13 at most, please.

Finally, The sooner you sign up to host an event, the more likely it will happen when you want it to. Otherwise you'll be at the mercy of the schedule. Early and mid afternoon slots fill up first, so keep that in mind as you decide when you'd like to host your event.Time slots will be given out on a first come first served basis. There may need to be some fiddling with the schedule regardless of when you sign up to host, but we will do the best we can to accommodate. Remember, if you sign up to run an event after the November 24, 2017 deadline (for example, at the door), your event will be at the mercy of whatever time slots we have available, so sign up before then to get your slot.

**This event is hosted by The Polycon Committee, a student run organization at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

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